Hello I am Jaime, the Ja of Keja photography. I am a mom of a sweet and very happy baby boy, and just like any mom I am obsessed with taking photos of him. He is the only infant I know that can strike a pose on demand. I have a great sense of humor and am very fortunate to have a witty husband that can make me laugh every day. I have a connection to and obsession with old things. I LOVE old houses, old music, and old people. I could spend all day, every day in an antique store rummaging through items of yesterday. I love the sound of thunderstorms, and the smell of burning wood. I love going out to dinner for girls' nights, beer and wine tastings, and being in bed before 10 PM. I am still afraid of ghosts and my basement. I could dance all night long if I still had my 21 year old body! I get excited for Halloween parties and Christmas lights. You will always find me with a smile on my face once the fall weather arrives because I thoroughly enjoy the feeling of UGGS on my feet, yoga pants, scarves, and 65 degree days.